Objection and appeal

Every student has certain rights and obligations. And every year, we list the most important regulations in a revised version of the Student Charter. You can also find programme-specific rights and obligations in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER-HU) and the study guide for your degree programme. So you know exactly where you stand.

Objection and appeal: students at HU University of Applied Sciences

Student Charter and the OER

The Student Charter offers a general survey of our main agreements as to what you are and aren’t allowed to do as a HU student. The Charter is complemented by our Education and Examination Regulations (OER-HU). These regulations set out HU students’ rights and obligations as far as education, reviews and examinations are concerned.

Study guides

The study guides provide further details on your rights and obligations at the level of your individual degree programme as set out in OER-HU. In addition, these guides offer substantive information about each programme: from subjects and themes to practical information.

Objecting to a decision

You are free to formally object to a decision taken by HU if you disagree with it. You may believe that your examination work was incorrectly assessed, for example. Or you may disagree with the study advice issued to you, because your performance was affected by personal circumstances.

Filing an objection is fairly straightforward. If you wish to object to an examination assessment, you can do so straight away via the website of the Examination Board (you will need to log in first). In all other cases, the document informing you of a particular decision will also include details on how to formally object to this decision.

Please note: be sure to file your objection within two weeks of the date of the decision.

Appeal procedure

Did you file an objection, but they didn’t rule in your favour? In that case, you are allowed to appeal the ruling. Please use the digital form to guarantee that you provide all the required information.  After you have completed and submitted the form, your appeal will be heard by HU’s Legal Protection for Students Office.

Please note: be sure to lodge your appeal within six weeks of the date of the decision.

More information

Would you like to know more about HU’s objection and appeal procedures? Full details can be found in the Legal Protection for Students Regulations (Reglement Rechtsbescherming). Or download HU Enrolment Regulations for further information.

There is also a national complaints procedure: The Code of Conduct International Student in Dutch Higher Education. If you want more information about the Code of Conduct and when and why a complaint can be lodge by the National Commission please go to the website of the National Commision