Healthy and Sustainable Living focusses on reducing disparities in health, promoting self-management and realising an energy-neutral, circular and accessible city. As we adapt to the consequences of climate change and work towards cleaner air and a greener environment, we can observe a growing overlap between issues of public health and sustainability.

Contributing to a healthy, sustainable city

We work to promote a healthy lifestyle: so that people can continue to live independently – in full control of their own lives – in a sustainable, energy-neutral urban environment. We focus on everyone in our research, including vulnerable groups like the elderly and people with a chronic illness, functional illiterates and children.

Rowers in Utrecht Renger Witkamp

“I feel positive about our collaboration – it has been a very educational experience. It’s very ‘no nonsense’, with an effective and conscientious approach that nevertheless satisfies the highest scientific standards. They’re good at what they do: they’re creative, motivated and driven.”

Renger Witkamp Professor of Nutrition and Pharmacology, Wageningen University

Research programme

We focus on three substantive programme lines:

  • The promotion of people-centred health and sustainability programmes (intervention, prevention);
  • Helping people to lead a healthy and sustainable life with others (living, working, learning, recreating);
  • The realisation of a sustainable and healthy environment.

The research groups

Nienke Bleijenberg PhD | Professor | Research group Chronic Diseases

Nienke Bleijenberg

Professor Chronic Diseases Show profile

Ellen Gerrits

Professor Speech and Language Therapy: Participation through communication Show profile
Rob Heerdink | Professor | Research group Innovation in Healthcare Processes in Pharmacology

Rob Heerdink

Professor Innovation in Healthcare Processes in Pharmacology Show profile
Katarina Jerković-Ćosić | Professor | Research group Innovations in Preventive Care

Katarina Jerković-Ćosić

Professor Innovations in Preventive Care Show profile
Helianthe Kort | Professor | Research group Technology for Healthcare Innovations

Helianthe Kort

Professor Technology for Healthcare Innovations Show profile
Cyrille Krul

Cyrille Krul

Professor Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry Show profile
Mieke Oostra | Professor | New Energy in the City

Mieke Oostra

Professor New Energy in the City Show profile

Ivo Opstelten

Professor New Energy in the City Show profile
Raymond Pieters | Professor | Research group Innovative Testing in Life Sciences & Chemistry

Raymond Pieters

Professor Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry Show profile
Erik Puik

Erik Puik

Professor Microsystems Technology Show profile
Cindy Veenhof | Professor | Research group Innovation of Movement Care

Cindy Veenhof

Professor Innovation of Movement Care Show profile
Ruben Vrijhoef | Professor | Research group Building Future Cities

Ruben Vrijhoef

Professor Building Future Cities Show profile
Harriët Wittink | Professor | Lifestyle and Health

Harriët Wittink

Professor Lifestyle and Health Show profile


Within this theme we collaborate with government agencies, research institutions, care organisations and companies working in nutrition, healthcare, construction and technical installation and the pharmaceutical sector. These partnerships are found at the regional, national and international levels.

Labs and centres of expertise

Labs and Centre of expertise Within our Labs and our Centre of Expertise , we work together with students and private companies on the in-depth development and dissemination of substantive knowledge and expertise.


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Healthy and Sustainable Living

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