Ivo Opstelten


Ivo J. Opstelten PhD (1968) is Professor of New Energy in the City. Since 2014, he has also served as Director of Practice-Based Research at Smart Sustainable Cities, a Centre of Expertise in which HU University of Applied Sciences works together with companies and knowledge institutes on the development of innovative products and services that contribute to the realisation of the smart, sustainable city.

The programme selects, supervises and supports enterprising construction and renovation projects, working together with pioneers in the sector on the large-scale realisation of ambitious energy targets. Since 2000, Ivo Opstelten has focussed in particular on practical issues that relate to energy in the built environment.

Moreover, he has put theory to practice in his personal surroundings: following a renovation according to the PIAF methodology – which he developed himself – Opstelten’s 1930s home is now virtually energy-neutral. He explains this project in further detail in an interview with Wilbert Leistra at www.renda.nl/renoveren_zonder_spijt

Fields of expertise

  • New energy in the city
  • New energy in the built environment
  • Increasing the sustainability of the built environment


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Ivo Opstelten

  • Professor
  • Research group: New Energy in the City